Thursday November 30, 2017-Saturday, December 9, 2017 | Shows at 7pm & 9pm


ATOM-R is a provisional collective exploring forensics, anatomy, and 21st-century embodiment through performance, language and emerging technologies. Participants include Mark Jeffery (choreography) and Judd Morrissey (technology and dramaturgical systems) merge digital literary practices and performance, both of whom were members of Goat Island performance group. A given piece may have no singular fixed form but is alternately or simultaneously presented as internet art, duration live installation or a performance of fixed length. The work is performed by Justin Deschamps, Sam Hertz, Christopher Knowlton, Blake Russell, and Colin Roberson.

J’Sun Howard

J’SUN HOWARD is originally from Tennessee. A recent Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artist, his choreography has appeared across the Midwest and he has performed and toured with Asimina Chremos, Sara Wookey, Paige Cunningham, Selene Carter but most extensively with Darrell Jones. Howard is a Links Hall Residency Alumni, has been commissioned by Chicago Academy School for the Arts, and been a sponsored artist at High Concept Laboratories.

Mitsu Salmon

MITSU SALMON creates original performance and visual works, which fuse multipledisciplines. She was born in the melting pot of Los Angeles to a Japanese mother and American father. Her creation in differing mediums, the translation of one medium to another, is connected to the translation of differing cultures and languages.Salmon received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2014. In 2005 she graduated from NYU where she majored in Experimental Theater, studying theater and visual arts. She was a core member of the Butoh dance group Ima Tenko and Kiraza for three years in Kyoto Japan. She has lived in India, England, Germany, Amsterdam, Japan and Bali.

Myra Su

MYRA SU is a narrative artist specializing in storytelling through puppetry and theater. Her primary medium is shadow puppetry, though she has also been experimenting with puppetry across multiple media — paper craft, sculpture, video, animation, and most recently, amateur taxidermy.She often performs at Nasty, Brutish & Short, a quarterly puppet cabaret in Chicago. Her work also includes collaborations with various theater and music productions. In addition to her independent projects, she is a Manual Cinema company member. Myra holds a BA with honors in Theater and Anthropology from the University of Chicago.

Winifred Haun & Dancers

WINIFRED HAUN & DANCERS is a professional modern dance company and presenter founded in 1991led by award-winning choreographer and dancer, Winifred Haun. The Company produces and presents dances that reflect the complexity of the human condition and inform the viewer’s perception of him/herself and the world.They have performed at many prestigious venues including Dance Center of Columbia College, Athenaeum Theatre, Link’s Hall, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (Texas), Overture Center (Madison, WI), Epic Center Theater (Kalamazoo, MI), St. Mary’s College (Indiana), Iowa Summer Dance Festival, Illinois Wesleyan College (Bloomington, IL), Ruth Page Center for the Arts, Northeastern Illinois University, Fermilab’s Ramsey Auditorium.

TRADE ROUTES Festival is supported by Links Hall Commissioning Collective and The Boeing Company.

This project is partially supported by a CityArts Grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events.