The CoMISSION Touring Exchange provides an opportunity for Chicago-based performing artists to develop relationships with artists, institutions, and organizations outside of Chicago.

Two artists from Links Hall’s recent seasons are selected annually by partner organizations outside of Chicago to tour their work the partner venue who selected them. The Chicago based artist then agrees to co-produce (committing time and effort not dollars) a Links Hall presentation by an artist from the community they toured to.

The goals of this program include artistic exchange, the presentation of new work or work that is new to Links Hall, audience development for the artists, expanded venue partnerships, professional development, and filling the opportunity gap for artists who are no longer “emerging”.

There are no applications to this program, but if you have performed a full length work at Links Hall in the past two seasons and would like your work considered for this opportunity please contact with footage of your program.


The goals of the CoMISSION Touring Exchange are to

  • Building artistic relationships between Chicago and other cities
  • Present new work at Links Hall that are ready to tour, and considering touring in their presentation
  • Professional development for self producing artists:
    • production/touring mentorship
    • Audience development – build new audiences for the both artists in the exchange
    • relationship building between Chicago artists and out of town venues
  • To create regional and national opportunities for artists who are no longer “emerging”

Selected Artists Receive

  • A travel stipend of $1000 to help cover the touring expenses of the Chicago based artist.
  • A direct connection to an out of town venue who is interested in presenting your work.

Selected Artists Agree To

  • Help select an artist from the partnering community to co-present at Links Hall.
  • Work with Links Hall on Audience Development and Marketing efforts to support the Chicago presentation of their partnering artist.


Past Touring Exchanges


Trade Route Festival of Artistic Exchange

ATOM-r (Chicago), Upended Tea Cups (Detroit)

J’Sun Howard (Chicago), Broother(hood) Dance! (New York)

Mitsu Salmon (Chicago), Michael Sakamoto (Iowa)

Myra Su (Chicago), Emily

Winifred Haun & Dancers


David Boykin (Chicago), and Damon Davis (St Louis)

Vershawn Ward/Red Clay Dance (Chicago) and Lela Aisha Jones (Philadelphia)


Khecari (Chicago) and Blind Tiger Society (San Francisco)

Joshua Kent (Chicago), Mark McCloughan (New York)


Synapses Arts (Chicago) and Penelope Freeh and Jocelyn Hagen (Minneapolis)