West Stage
Time Artist/Group Title of Piece
7:30-7:34 Stefanie Patkiewicz Fluidity of Foil’
7:36-7:42 Zach Bird, Maura Naughton, Brady Van Patten I am Woman
7:44-7:47 Hattie Haggard & Brennen Renteria I Saw it Happening
7:49-7:54 Kelly Anderson Dance Theatre “Growing Fins” (excerpt from VAUDEVILLE!)
7:56-8:00 Mister Twister Maximus Sinsation Little Rain
8:02-8:05 The Colemany Company Cold World
8:07 – 8:12 Alana Parekh In Me All Along
8:12-8:20 BREAK
8:20 – 8:26 Corey Smith TAKE/COVER!
8:28- 8:36 Southside Sailor Scouts Episode 73: Promises Fulfilled
8:38-8:46 Sam Virgilio Spectrum (excerpts)
8:48 – 8:51 Desueño Dance Clave in C Minor
8:53-9:02 The Dance COLEctive Blossom on Bone
9:02-9:10 BREAK
9:10 -9:18 Noelle Awadallah & Juliette Perez you’re not supposed to be (here)
9:20-9:28 Elements Ballet ZODIAC
9:30-9:37 Emma Draves “Pleasant Prairie” (working title)
9:39-9:49 Ester Alegria aquarian.
9:51-9:55 Willow TheWhips, Jean Wildest, Dyke Von Dyck Behind Closed Doors
9:57-10:05 Global Pungmul Institute Samul-nori
10:07-10:15 Keyierra Collins Trauma Choice (subject to change)
10:17 – 10:25 Movement Revolution Dance Crew Excerpt from opposittes Attract
10:30pm DANCE PARTY!
East Stage
Time Artist Title of Piece
8:00 PM-8:50 PM
8:00-8:08 Karen Yatsko Hide & Follow
8:10-8:16 Matthew Kinney Vertigo
8:18-8:24 Hayley Larson Catch, catch, throw.
8:26 -8:34 Bellydance by Phaedra Lama Rah/Haram Aleyk/drum solo
8:36-8:41 Colin Breen – Hawnix Dream on
8:43-8:47 Emilia Hodges, Brady VanPatten, Zachary Bird Keeping Up Appearances
8:49 – 8:51 Sally Marvel Sword Swallowing Burlesque
8:51-9:00 BREAK
9:00-9:08 Erin Kilmurray SEARCHPARTY
9:10-9:18 Tango 21 Dance Theater A Tango Medley
9:20-9:23 Rosie Roche A Call From The Vatican
9:25-9:31 Red Clay Dance Company Body of Evidence
9:33-9:39 Innervation Dance Cooperative The Ward and Own My Invention
9:41-9:49 Groundhog Rebirth & Regenration
9:51-9:54 Mister Twister Maximus Sinsation Rebel Rebel
9:54 DANCE PARTY Shakespeare lets out
Time Artist/Group Title
6 – 7 pm
VIP HOUR 6-7pm Coelti Hoop Dance Delight
7:30-9:30 ¡Anímate! Studio The FrankenToyMobile
Elisa Shoenberger Mysterious Ordinary
Rhonda Wheatley Eavesdropping on Your Future
Udita Upadhyaya and Lindsey Barlag Thornton In Flux
PlayLab Productions The Fruit Bunch At Navy Pier
The Chicago Chorus Girl Project/ The Galaxie Girls To Be Determined
Friends of the Bog Songs from the Bog
Pastel Fractel Wonders with Mission Statements
Scarlet Finch Handle With Care
Megan Rhodes Blasé & Bourgeois
Genesis Excerpts from “while our blood’s still young”
8:30 -9:30
Cult(ure) of Clowns Politicos
Neha Bhat To Be Determined
Plucky Rosenthal Shpiels and Shpilkes with Plucky Rosenthal
Keisha Turner WeHereNow- See Thru
Methos Aerial To Be Determined
Spencer Hutchinson I see my light come shining
9:30 – 10:30
Pyrotechniq Pyrotechniq Fires It Up
Semi-Circus Murmurations
David Angel Flowmation