Rehearsal Residency

Innervation Dance Cooperative has partnered with Links Hall since 2013. Innervation generously keeps Links going by pitching in with house management and studio care in exchange for time and space to develop the work!

Innervation Dance Cooperative produces innovative works that stimulate audiences, dancers, and dance creators. In our collaborative creative process, we focus on storytelling presented through multidisciplinary, invigorating movement, creating a productthat is accessible to the dance aficionado and the novice alike.

Workshop Residencies

La Pocha Nostra

For 15 years La Pocha Nostra has been fully engaged in the field of performance through experimental art projects, lectures, writings , media and digital projects and pedagogy. We have reinvented ourselves constantly in order to remain current and edgy. Inevitably our language, performance strategies, membership and location have changed with the times.

In June 2012, La Pocha’s core members were Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Emma Tramposch, Roberto Sifuentes, Michele Ceballos Michot, Erica Mott, Dani d’Emilia, Saúl García-López and Violeta Luna. Honorary members included Juan Ybarra, Lois Keidan, James Luna, Heather Haynes, Guillermo Galindo, Gustavo Vazquez, Orlando Britto-Jinorio, Gabriela Salgado, Rachel Rodgers, Gabriela Leon, Marianna Garcés and Reverend Billy. There are also more than 30 associates spread throughout 10 different countries including Natalie Brewster Nguyen, Allison Wyper, Marcos Najera, Maria Alejandra Estrada and Lucas Avendaño.

Their work was shown at Links Hall on August 9, 2013

The Passion of Laila

THE PASSION OF LAILA (working title) is a new Ta’ziyeh passion play written in verse with live music and dance to be performed in the round, created by renowned New York City-based Ta’ziyeh expert director Mohammad Ghaffari, award-winning Chicago-based librettist Ruth Margraff, and critically acclaimed Los Angeles-based composer Richard Marriott. Inspired by Sufi poet Jami’s YUSEF AND ZULEIKA TA’ZIYEH c.1470 and BEHÂRISTÂN /ABODE OF SPRING c. 1487 with a subplot from the 1925 Sergei Eisenstein film BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN, we will celebrate moments of social conflict and alliance across cultures, religions, geographies, and generations.

THE PASSION OF LAILA is the first Ta’ziyeh passion play created in a daring contemporary framing of the traditionally Biblical and Qur’anic story of Joseph in Egypt seduced by Potiphar’s Wife. Eisenstein’s montage style will collide with Sufi mysticism in a distinctly American style of theater, echoing today’s headlines of uprisings and protests across the world. The San Jose Stage Company (California) is commissioning the work in consortium with the Art Institute of Chicago MacLean Ballroom/Shapiro Center and Link’s Hall.

Their work was shown at the SAI Ballroom on May 21, 2013.

Co-Commission between Links Hall and Constellation

Touch My Beloved’s Thought is a musical adaptation and a combination of composed and improvised dance produced by Onye Ozuzu and Greg Ward.