Linkages Co-Presentation Program

All self-producing artists, whose work fits within Links Hall’s mission, are welcome to perform their work at Links Hall through our Linkages Program. Linkages are co-presentations by the artist and Links Hall.

The rates below are only for Studio A – the white box. Studio B – the black box – is occasionally available through the Linkages program only on a case-by-case basis. Artists must demonstrate a track record of successfully producing in Studio A before Links will partner with them in Studio B.

Linkages (performance rates)

Links Hall’s rates are significantly subsided because we consider each “rental” a co-presentation between LinksHall and the producing artist or company. All Linkages artists participate in acontract, audience development and productionorientation with Links Hall staff prior to their performances.

3 hours tech rehearsal
A Links Hall LD PSM
7 or 7:30pm performance
Optional 9 pm second show ( $50)

Studio A
$175 (you work 3 volunteer shifts @ Links)
$250 (you don’t have time tovolunteer)
$25 (to add an extra hour of tech rehearsal)
One Night (1 Show) Tech Schedule
One Night (2 Shows) Tech Schedule

3 hours of LDPSM prep time
12 hours of technical rehearsal
A Links Hall LD/PSM for all tech rehearsals and performances
3 performances at 7pm

Studio A
$1200 (you work 6 volunteer shifts @ Links)
$1400 (you don’t have time to volunteer)
$25 (to add an extra day hour of tech rehearsal)
Weekender Tech Schedule

Double Bill
4 hours of LDPSM prep time
16 hours of technical rehearsal

Studio A
$1350 (you work 6 volunteer shifts @ Links)
$1550 (you don’t have time to volunteer)
$25 (to add an extra hour of tech rehearsal)
Double Bill or Two Works Tech Schedule

Please make sure your project aligns with Links Hall’s Mission. Only projects that fit within our mission will be considered.Links Hall is not available for event rentals or anything outside of our mission.

If you are an artist producing a music concert, you are not eligible for the Linkages program.

To inquire about the Linkages program, please send a short description of your performance project and a short bio to Links Hall’s Director Roell Schmidt at 773.281.0824 or

The Linkages schedule is typically:Box office services:
Links Hall will provide a house manager to run the box office 1 hour before performances. All advance ticket sales are online through Links Hall’s account.

Marketing support:
You will have an Audience Development orientation with Links Hall’s Artist Services Manager to help you develop your marketing plan which you are responsible for executing. You will be provided with a press release template and access to our master press list. Links Hall will handle your ticketing, list your event on our website, include your show in our calendar listings release, and include your performances in our e-blasts and on FaceBook.

Links Hall’s support augments but does not and cannot replace, your own audience development efforts. You will be provided with access to your ticket buyers’ information to continue your efforts to develop a following for your work beyond your performances here.