Nasty, Brutish & Short
(NBS) is a Chicago-based cabaret of contemporary short-form puppet and object based theater for adult audiences. The cabaret provides an opportunity for professional quality puppet artists to perform new work, fosters creative exchange between puppet artists of different generations and specialties, and introduces audiences to innovative and compelling puppet theatre.

Presented by Links Hall and curated by Taylor Bibat and Mike Oleon. It is funded in part by the Puppet Slam Network (a project of IBEX Puppetry).

Below are selected past works and artist bios from NBS’s inception in 2011 to 2013



Curated by Julia Miller and MikeOleon

Noah Ginex, Taylor Bibat, and Adam McAleavey

Adam McAleavey with Ellen DeSitter

Sam Deutsch

Glen Kelly and Jill Frederickson

Helen Jones and Paper Boat Group

Rough House; directed by Mike Oleon, written by Shelley Geiszler, performed by Kay Kron,Sarah Noel Rush, Nathan Edmondson and Courtney Kearney

Nasty, Brutish & Short will also feature Sam Hertz, Blake Russell, URiEL, Aaron Weissman, and Jessie Winslow




Mike Oleon

Kat Pleviak

Davey K

Alexander Knapp

Emmy Bean

Kieran Krendall and Tien Tran

Christopher Knowlton

Kathryn Conaway & Kaley Cross

Taylor Bibat & Jessica Simon


Lacy Campbell

Sean Ewert

Kasey Foster

Jessica Hudson

Davey K.

Spencer Lott

Manual Cinema

Adam McAleavey

One Whole Asian Productions

Terry Reimer



Curated by Julia Miller and Jessica Simon.

Taylor Bibat

Rough House

Erika Friesth and The Nerdologues

Kat Pleviak

Sam Deutsch

Davey K with Ian Fullerton and Stephen Lieto

Sid Branca

Jason Adams

Adam McAleavey with Arne Parrot and Andrew Howard


Curated by

Julia Miller and Jessica Simon

Lizi Breit

Liz Schachterle

Jill Frederickson

Lolly Extract & Erik Deshaun Dorris

Dan Kerr-Hobert

Sam Deutsch & Aaron Weissman

Mike Oleon & Meredith Miller

Amber Marsh

Kat Pleviak

Jessica Simon


Jason Adams’ Clipper Ship Spectacular

The Noah Ginex Puppet Company: featuring Dan Kerr-Hobert and LiziBreit with music performed by John Bliss.

Jessica Simon: performed by Julia Miller, Drew Dir, and Sarah Fornace, sounds by Ben Kauffman

Manual Cinema

The Royal We are Max Wirt, MasonFidino, and Sophia Hamilton.

Meredith Miller

Emmy Bean’s Baby