Mitsu Salmon

Mitsu Salmon

Mitsu Salmon creates original performance and visual works, which fuse multiple disciplines. She was born in the melting pot of Los Angeles to a Japanese mother and American father. Her creation in differing mediums, the translation of one medium to another, is connected to the translation of differing cultures and languages.
Salmon received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2014. In 2005 she graduated from NYU where she majored in Experimental Theater.
She has performed solo work at places such Performance Space 122, Dance Theater Workshop, Highways Performance Space and internationally at Hebbel Am Uffer (Berlin) Central Saint Martins (London), and Urbanguild (Kyoto). She has participated in the Asquared Asian American Performance Festival in Chicago, the Berlin Performance Art Festival, and Act Art London Performance Art Festival.
She has been awarded artists residencies at Earthdance in Massachettes, Oxbow in Michigan, Tsung Yeh in Taiwan and Villa Pandan Harum in Bali, Indonesia. In Chicago, she has been awarded residencies through High Concept Lab, the Cultural Center, and Links Hall.


Tsuchi is a solo interdisciplinary performance piece. It draws from Mitsu’s great-grandfather’s experience of immigrating from Japan to Hawaii as a farmer and then becoming his dream of a high-end waiter. The piece delves into and obscures his life and then branches out to the stories of Mitsu’s, the Hawaiian queen and a steel guitar musician. The work explores questions of family and travel through Butoh, contemporary dance, and everyday movements with music and text. The work is a collaboration between Mitsu and sound artists Alyssa Moxley and Kevin Carey. Development of Tsuchi was sponsored by High Concept Labs and supported by a residency at the Chicago Cultural Center and Oxbow.

Company Members

Mitsu Salmon with sound by Kevin Carey and Alyssa Moxley

Kevin Carey aka Yung Pharaoh is a new media and sound artist. He has collaborated with various artists such as Carrie Gates, Alfredo Salazar-Caro and Jon Cates. He has presented work at numerous spaces such as Tritraiangle in Chicago, Refraction and Transfer Gallery in New York.

Alyssa Moxely received her MFA in sound from SAIC and currently creates, performs and curates in Athens, Greece.

Sponsored /funded by

Tsuchi was sponsored by High Concept Labs and supported by a residency at the Chicago Cultural Center and Oxbow.

Special thanks

Grant, Lisa, Noriko and Tomo Moriyama

Michael Sakamoto
blind spot

Michael Sakamoto, blind spot, chamber dance

Michael Sakamoto

Michael Sakamoto is an interdisciplinary artist active in dance, theatre, media and photography and one of the leading butoh-based performers in the USA. Dedicated to nurturing intercultural dialogue and cultural sustainability through performative and visual methodologies, Michael creates choreographic and narrative performances, media works and photo essays designed to challenge audience assumptions and reveal diverse experiences across geography, language and social boundaries. His works have been presented in 14 countries throughout Asia, Europe and North America, including at REDCAT, Vancouver International Dance Festival, Dance Center of Columbia College (2016), TACT/Fest Osaka, UCLA Fowler Museum and many others. He is currently touring: “Flash”, a butoh/hip-hop duet with acclaimed choreographer Rennie Harris; “Soil”, a dance theater trio with Southeast Asian dancers; and “blind spot”, an intermedia solo performance exploring intellectual property censorship and corporate militarism. Michael is also writing a book project, “An Empty Room: Butoh Performance and the Social Body in Crisis” for Wesleyan University Press.

blind spot

Sakamoto and Jette present excerpts from “blind spot,” a work-in-progress dance and sound performance. Using Michael’s autobiographical narrative and visual metaphors from photography and cinema, “blind spot” addresses the intersection between intellectual property, corporate militarism and personal narrative.


Christopher Jette is a curator of lovely sounds, creating work as a composer and new media artist. His creative work explores the artistic possibilities at the intersection of human performers/creators and technological tools. Christopher’s research details his technical and aesthetic investigations and explores technology as a physical manifestation of formalized human constructs. A highly collaborative artist, he has created works that involve dance, theater, websites, electronics, food, toys, typewriters, cell phones, instrument design and good ol’ fashioned wood and steel instruments. In addition to creating concert music, Christopher explores Creative Placemaking through site-specific and interactive work as a core-four member of the Anchorage based Light Brigade. He was the 2015-16 Interdisciplinary Grant Wood Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Iowa and currently serves as Visiting Artist at Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics.

Tech/Design Credits

Soundscore – Christopher Jette

Video – Michael Sakamoto