I am an artist and a curator – can I present my own work or my own company as a part of my residency?

Yes – but keep in mind that this is a programing grant not a presenting opportunity for individual artist of company. Please be sure that yo are expressing a programatic vision and creating opportunities for multiple artists.

Who gets the money from ticket sales of AA programing?

Good question – its complicated! Essentially the first 20 tickets from each night of performance go back to Links Hall to help keep this residency program going. 20 tickets was decided on because it is the average attendance guarantee that Links Staff can claim as “our audience”. HOWEVER we find this number by taking the total attendees (including all the pay what you can tickets, comps, staff, and press in attendance) and divide that by the total amount of money made that specific night to find out what the average ticket price was. Often this average price is about 5-7 dollars per-person. So our 20 ticket take is based on that average price, not the listed ticket price. Make sense? If not we will explain it better when you get the residency but it always works out in your favor. After that the money goes back to your project’s budget.

I have already been awarded an AA Curatorial Residency – can I apply again?

Technically yes – but not for the same project, and we won’t lie to you its probably going to a lot harder to get the second time around. You should be looking to present something new and different, and be sure to focus on why this new project is important to Chicago’s creative ecosystem and what new elements of your professional development you will be exploring.

Can I present work outside of Links Hall as part of my Residency?

Yes, we love public work and space partners – but Links Hall is a venue so it is also important that work does happen in the Links Hall studio. We also view the opportunity for Curatorial Residents to use Links Hall’s studio for free is an important resource provided by this residency so we ask you to host at least half of your programing funded by Links Hall at Links Hall – otherwise we need to support someone who will take advanced of that resource!

What is provided by Links Hall, and what do I need to pay for out of my stipend?

Links Hall provides space for up to 9 evenings of performance and up to 45 hours of tech or rehearsal time. Staff works closely with you on promotions and production of your festival/series but you will be working on every element of your project from press releases to community engagement to audience development. Links Hall also provides a TD to run lighting and sound for your programing. Any printed materials or advertisements that you want to run to promote your programing will have to be paid for out of your budget – Links Hall is paper free marketing only, any additional staffing such as a stage manger, specialized technical staff etc. will also have to be covered by your budget.

Can I program work in your bar as part of my residency?

No, we are not allowed to program any performance or hang any artwork in the lobby bar – sorry its against our partnership agreement with Constellation, the music presenter we share out building with.

Will my programing be in Studio A (white box) or Studio B (black box)?

All Links Hall Residency programs take place in Studio A – if there is a specific need to present a work in studio B and it is physically impossible to present said work in Studio A because you are deathly allergic to white paint please contact our Residency Director Anna (anna@linkshall.org) before submitting your application.