At Links Hall a Curator is not someone who simply chooses artists or performances to be included in our season, Curators are people who truly care for the artists that they partner with and the work those artists are making. They care for the audiences that they invite into the space, and they care that that there ARE audiences in the space. They care for the production crew and staff that make all the magic happen. Curating live work is about sculpting live experiences, and in that sense curators at Links Hall are artist themselves creating interacting performances between artists and audiences. These acts of creation are hard work, and we are grateful for the people in our community who take that work on.

The Links Hall Curatorial Residency (Artistic Associates) program was founded in the Spring of 2005 when three associates were selected to each curate a series of performances in the Links Hall studio. This experiment launched Links Hall’s Curatorial Residency which seeks to enhance the quality of performance programming in Chicago,create professional development opportunities for Chicago’s artistic producers, generate new presentation opportunities for performance in Chicago, and provide much needed financial support to the city’s self producing performance community.

Links Hall’s CoMISSION Curatorial Residencies are awarded annually by a panel selected by Links Hall’s Programming Co-Chairs Cheryl Lynn Bruce, Julia Mayer and Links Hall’s staff, each selected project is given a stipend to produce their programming at Links Hall and each program is give the full support of Links Hall’s administration, marketing and production staff.

Application process currently closed. Stay tuned for next round of Applications


Eclipsing Festival, Curated by Amina Ross

A-Square Asian American Performing Arts Festival, Curated by Hope Kim, Cary Shoda, and Giau Truong


A-Square Asian American Performing Arts Festival, Curated by Hope Kim, Cary Shoda, and Giau Truong

Poets Theater Festival, Curated by Patrick Durgin & Devin King.

Beyond the Box, Curated by Rika Lin.


aMID, Michelle Kranicke

Tea Project, Amber Ginsburg & Aaron Hughes

I Shout to Keep My Devils at Bay, Kantara Souffrant


Physical Festival, Alice Da Cunha and Mark Frost

Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival,

Live to Tape, Jesse Malmed


Physical Festival,

Extinct Entities, Curated by Erin Nixon, Anthony Romero, and Anthony Stepter


collision_theory, Curated by Rachel Damon & Dan Mohr

Banners & Cranks, Curated by David Buchen

DIRT, Curated by Deke Weaver


Standing Heat, Curated by Holly Hughes

Braiding Rivers, Curated by Emma Draves


Arte no es fácil, Curated by Dan Paz and Marilyn Volkman

The Wrecking Project, Curated by Julie Mayo and Kate Corby

Generation Bitch, Curated by April Sellers

The Purple State, Curated by Erin Carlisle Norton


DIALogues, Curated by Dexter Bullard

The Encyclopedia Show, Curated by Robbie Q. Telfer

Calisthenics for Shrapnel, Curated by Marty McConnell

To Art and Profit, Curated by Abra M. Johnson & Meida Teresa McNeal


Studies N Black, Curated by Barak Adé Soleil

Memory as Innovation Curated by Amina Cain and Jen Karmin

Treasure Hunt, Curated by Angeline Gragasin


Method to Madness, Curated by Kate Sheehy

Choreographing Coalitions

Returning from One Place to Another: a Poets Theater Showcase, Curated by John Beer


Off the Map and into the Murk, Spelunking into Puppetry, Curated by Barbara Whitney


Tramp, Minneapolis Dance


Puppetry, Curated by J. Friedrich

Incomplete Map

Butoh, Curated by Nicole Legette



Puppetry, Curated by S. Utchenik