From Left to Right Jessica Ray, Joanna Furnans, Jenn Freeman

Co-MISSIONS is a Links Hall initiative uniting Links direct-dollars-to-artists programs. Under the umbrella of Co-MISSIONS Links Hall offers Intensives, Residencies, and Fellowships expanding our commissioning support to 14-16 artistic projects annually. These programs incorporate a more flexible range of resources, designed to meet the needs of artistic experimentation at different points in an artist’s career, and/or a project’s development.

Links Hall Co-MISSIONS consists of these three new RFP based studio and presentation programs. It also encompasses the continuation of our RFP based Curatorial Program, our Touring Award, our National Performance Network residencies and commissions, and other large-scale special projects.

This initiative is supported by Links Co-MISSIONing Collective.

The Links Hall Co-MISSIONing Collective is made up of a group of generous individuals who annually commit to supporting the direct-dollars-to-artists programs at Links Hall. Via curatorial budgets, residency stipends, artist fees, and touring subsidies, the Collective encourages artists at all stages in their careers to take the artistic risks necessary for their continued growth.