Sojourner Zenobia was awarded a spring 2018 Co-MISSION Residency.

Performed by Sojourner Zenobia, Zahra Baker, Aarafa Payne

A participatory dreamscape, a tapestry of medicinal embodiments and offerings, unfolding through vocal sounding, movement, text and installation. Here, in the beyond, a Black Prism Moon. A couple of queer Black femme shapeshifters live here. They embody an alternate time and space, where femininity emerges as a variety of inter-dimensional archetypes: The Beyond, Oshun, The Child, The Crone, Earth, Ancestors, The Lotus, Kali, The Serpent. Change, here, is the life force. Behind the Black Prism Moon, Death is an infinite Metamorphosis, liberation is found on whispers from the wind, beauty dances when feelings arise and age is an inevitable awakening. This is their home. It is not for you. But you are invited to listen with, to learn from, to lean into their way of being.

Sojourner Zenobia uses alter building, ritual, vocal soundscaping, movement based storytelling and somatic healing practices as “now portals,” to ​reach across time and connect with ancestors, listen to the earth and follow the wisdom of the body​. Sojourner graduated from Naropa University in 2006 with a BFA in multidisciplinary performance. In 2008 they founded Soul Journey Projects, a multi-disciplinary performance ensemble. Sojourner attended the School at Steppenwolf in 2009, and Pantheater in Paris 2012, where she studied choreographic theater, and Roy Hart experimental vocal technique.

Sponsored / Funded By:: Illinois Arts Council, Links Hall, Chicago Academy for the Arts