Courtney Mackedanz was awarded a Spring 2018 Co-MISSION Residency

AINT NO SWALLOW BACK GIRL is a performative interrogation of the manners in which the physical body is instrumentalized to reinforce and perpetuation structural violence. Through the collision of text and gesture, AINT NO SWALLOW BACK GIRL confronts the aching similarities between the ways in which the body is exploited for its wage labor as well as its sexual use value. With a tender rage and strenuous yielding toward confusion, AINT NO SWALLOW BACK GIRL struggles to negotiate the (im)possibility of bodily autonomy in the wake of infiltration by such systems of oppression.

Courtney Mackedanz is a movement based performance artist living and working in Chicago. Her performances & installations employ tension, slippage, and wobble to insinuate realities which may appear absurd or distant, though are based in actuality. Mackedanz’s choreography rehearses the legibility of meaning contained in physical gesture while her text works against the stability of language—all in an effort to create/occupy space differently. Mackedanz eared a BFA in Performance and Visual Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013, and has since shared her work in Chicago, New York, Montreal, & Shanghai.