I Shout…

I Shout…

I Shout to Keep My Devils at Bay: The Sacred and/in/of the Profane

Curated by Kantara Souffrant

May 20 – June 19, 2016.

I Shout… is a performance, visual art, and dialogue series that examines the relationship between crisis, art activism, and healing practices within the sacred and secular realms. The event, brings together performers, visual artists, community organizers and (spi)ritual leaders to create a giant conversation about why, in an age where groups of people are told that they/we are invaluable (i.e. black people, people of color, lgbtq people, poor people, women, and non-normative folks of all backgrounds), WE make art to keep from crying, to resist dying, and to find pleasure in living. May 20 -22 Friday – Sunday at Links Hall.

“I hate the fact that when I think about having children I’m met with two simultaneous thoughts: that the world is violent and also painfully beautiful. What kind of world will our babies, Black, Brown, LGBTQ and other inherit? What kind of spirits and legacies will we leave behind? I don’t know the answer, but I do know that I am witnessing, working and living in trying times AND I’m surrounded by people willing to care for others in many ways. The times are hard, people are dying, lives are being threatened, AND we are also living in a time when we find spaces to create joy through art, human and spiritual connection. ‘I Shout’ is a labor of witnessing all these contradictions, this beauty, and this work.”

– Kantara Souffrant


Weekend Event Order

I Shout to Keep My Devils at Bay: The Sacred in/and/of the Profane

May 20-23, 2016

Friday, 7-10pm: “I Shout To Keep: Narrating Our Lives,”

Opening Performances and Post-Show Reception

Featuring Ysaye McKeever and Elizabeth Nungaray’s South Side Sailor Scouts and

Afro-Cuban group Ire Elese Abure’s Ceremonial Songs, Drumming and Dance in honor of the Orishas

Links Hall 3111 N. Western Ave, Chicago, 60618

Saturday, 7-10pm, “My Devils: Solo Performances of Monstrosity”

Links Hall

Featuring performances by Eddie Gamboa, Patricia Nguyen,

NaTanya Davina Stewart and yon tande (Whitney Hunter)

Post-show talk-back moderated by performer-scholar Rae Lange

Saturday, 10:30pm-2am: “My Devils at Bay Dance Party” (@ Links Hall)

A POC, LGBTQ Allies friendly dance party

Co-hosted by Chances Dances

Sunday, 1-3pm: “At Bay: Rituals for Continuity”

Links Hall

Community Cypher Co-Curated by Tiff Beatty

May 23-June 19: “I Shout to Keep My Devils at Bay”

Visual Arts Exhibition

Featuring the works of: Alyssa Beech, Nicole Harrison, Riley Henderson, Brianna Kilgore, Amina Ross, Patricia Ngugyen, Mike Stidham, yon tande (Whitney Hunter)

Corner Gallery, 2912 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

This program is a Links Hall Artistic Associate Festival and is made possible with the support from the Links Hall Commissioning Collective, Corner, and The Performance Studies Department at Northwestern University.



Corneris an experiment to see what happens when artists whose work is about the human condition come into direct contact with daily life. The installations in Corner will be by artists who are invited because they are inspired by the unique urban, social, functional, and historical attributes of this specific location and who will create work in response to it. Artists who understand that “the work of art is complete only as it works in the experience of others than the one who created it.” (John Dewey, Art as Experience)