Erin Kilmurray

Erin Kilmurray


Erin Kilmurray was awarded a Fall 2018 Co-MISSION Residency.

Collaborating performers: Alyssa Gregory, Camila Rivero Pooley, Dee Alaba, Kaitlin Webster, Tia Monet Greer, Maria Blanco

Exploring the separate turf of studio practice, the dance floor and a sports arena, SEARCH PARTY, is a multi-phase dance work that follows a group of women who, in this monumentally maddening time, relentlessly investigate our designated space vs. free space and what is expected of us vs. what we are capable of.

Erin Kilmurray is a choreographer, performer and teaching artist living in Chicago. Her dance works spark fierce energy and vivid imagery; making lively, athletic, effortful, intimate dances that ignite in a place that people with or without dance experience can recognize. Always curious to renegotiate the lines between performer and spectator, her methods are strongly influenced by dance and performance places acting as creative and social centers. By facilitating moments or spaces that act as catalyst for kinetic energy, she investigates the intersection of the mindful dancing body as a physically-honed practice, a form of performative entertainment and a function of social dynamics

Kilmurray’s projects intentionally shift between immersive and proscenium spaces: her work resonates on the concert dance stage, lo-d performance galleries, music venues, parties, and dlm. Consequently, these dances have been presented by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, The Soho House, Metro Chicago, WBEZ Chicago, The Chicago Reader, Empty Bottle Presents, Thalia Hall, Salonathon with support from Links Hall, High Concept Labs and The University of Chicago (Chicago Performance Lab).