Aaliyah Christina

Aaliyah Christina


Fall 2018 Co-MISSION Resident

Featuring: Ambe’r Johnson & Brianna Alexis Heath

When Iva Met Eunice questions & explores the relationship developed between two young women despite the societal battle of their skin complexion. Black women/girls deal with colorism. We hate it, we ignore it, we perpetuate it. In “When Iva Met Eunice,” two people discover themselves through the unlikely friendship of their grandmothers. They battle the commonality of social expectations (social dances) and the physical negotiations they perform in their day-to-day through set improvisational scores and freestyled movement.

Aaliyah Christina curates, moves & writes in Chicago, IL via Ruston, Louisiana. She graduated with a B.A. in dance from the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago in 2016. She specializes in dance improvisation and curating tranquil and welcoming spaces for her burgeoning Chicago communities. She’s performed under artists like Darling Shear, Onye Ozuzu, Kristina Isabelle, and Darrell Jones. She has also lended her curatorial passions to Chicago Dancemakers Forum for Elevate Chicago Dance 2018 as well as Red Clay Dance Theatre for La Femme Festival 2019. She founded and created Catalyst Movmnt (2017), a curating collective designed to highlight emerging movement artists and dancemakers of color.