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LINKS HALL studio theater seats 65.

PosterChild The Ah-Ha
November 5-7, 2004
Friday and Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 7:30pm
$10 (Friday, pay what you can)

If we choose to move forward in life as compassionate, happy beings we must acknowledge and confront the existence of fear. Through the interaction of live music, art, film, and dance, The Ah-Ha acknowledges and confronts fear – opening doors of awareness to what we feel, and exploring our ability to impact lives and foster happiness. PosterChild members Bob Garrett, Nadine Lollino, and Lyndsae Rinio, bring together a diverse background of experience in dance, theater and music.

Re-Sourcing: The Gender Project
November 12 and 13, 2004
Friday and Saturday 7:30pm
Suggested Donation $10

Do we need to point a critical gaze at modern dance today? Re-Sourcing (part of the national dance series The Gender Project) addresses assumptions about American dance as an art form. Creative and critical discourses have explored the role of dance in the liberation and celebration of the female body, as well as the exclusion of working class, poor, queer, and women of color. But has modern dance recently lost its revolutionary potency? Chicago-based dance artist Asimina Chremos hosts Ariel Weiss Holyst (Philadelphia) and Kristen Mangione (NYC) – all three will show their dance work and invite discussion.
Re-Sourcing is made possible by the generosity of Athanassios N. Chremos and Alice C. Garrett.

Joseph Ravens and 3 card molly ARE TOE
November 13 and 20, 2004
Saturdays, 11pm

In this late night event, Joseph Ravens and 3 card molly present works inspired by Antonin Artaud. Witness depictions of danger and malice; of deranged dreams and primal instincts; of worlds that are bloodthirsty and brutal. The Theater of Cruelty has just found its double! Joseph Ravens works lyrically and provocatively with body, object, text, space and time. 3 card molly (Tawni Bell, Ania Greiner, and Liz Winfield) create poignant images, with a whimsical approach to often disturbing, weighty themes. Plot takes a back seat to the visceral experience, and audience expectations will be challenged.

Shifting Plains: Midwest Butoh Convergence
November 19 and 20, 2004
Friday and Saturday, 7.30pm

Butoh dance originated in Japan in the 1950s, deriving its power from the intense mental and physical preparation of the individual dancer, and drawing inspiration from inner and outer landscapes. Shifting Plains, organized by Asimina Chremos, includes three butoh pieces: Jeffery Byrd (Iowa) uses his unusually high singing voice coupled with butoh movement to create a visually poetic meditation on issues associated with masculinity; Nicole LeGette (Illinois) uses elemental materials (dirt, leaves, metal) as provocation to confront the vital substance of human corporeality; Rachel Finan (Michigan) attempts to rescue a moment of extraordinary energy, when the body has reached its limit and starts to transcend the physical plane.

(The artists will co-teach a workshop at Silverspace, Sunday November 21, 11am-2pm: 773 294 7811.)

Shifting Plains is made possible by the generosity of Athanassios N. Chremos and Alice C. Garrett.