In These Boxes… through Poonie’s Cabaret; work by Dudley Saunders

In These Boxes… through Poonie’s Cabaret; work by Dudley Saunders

Poonie’s Cabaret Presents: IN THESE BOXES

IN THESE BOXES is a multimedia performance created by Dudley Saunders that works in tandem with a social media, community art piece: the “online cemetery.” It is an uncommon mix of songs, spoken narrative and video that explores the human need to keep the dead from disappearing by holding on to their things.

The “on-line cemetery” is a virtual space (at where people can post photos of things once owned by the dead – things they have inherited and now have trouble letting go.There is a particular emphasis on objects left by those who died too soon, often because of the marginal lives they led.

Proceeds go to The Duncan Erley Coming Out of the Closet Fund, which was established by friends of Duncan Erley to promote and support artists and performers working in the realms of healing AIDS, gay activism, and spiritual and sexual transformation. Annual events in Duncan’s honor are produced at Links Hall.

Dudley Saunders is a trans-disciplinary gay artist whose work explores the hidden lives of marginalized people: in performance art, video, fiction, documentary film and indie-folk music. He is best known for his four music albums: RESTORE, THE BILLY WHITE ACRE SESSIONS, THE EMERGENCY LANE and the recent MONSTERS. He has also written and performed four evening-length performance pieces, SECOND SLEEP (The Pyramid Club, 1990), THE LONG SWALLOWED HAIR (OR FAGGOT SKIN) (The Kitchen, 1992), BIRDBONES (The Kitchen, 1994) and DEATH BLUES (Dixon Place, 1995), which New
> > York Press selected as Best Musical of the Year.