FACES by Youth Empowerment Performance Project

FACES by Youth Empowerment Performance Project

Youth Empowerment Performance Project

This performance looks at the different faces that society and systems have defined for the ensemble members versus the different faces they strive to build and present for themselves. The ensemble members will bring the audience through a journey of self-deconstruction that finishes up in a re-construction of new and self-empowered identities.

In FACES we address topics such as: homelessness, spiritual struggles, police brutality, suicide, trans physical-emotional development, drug use, physical and emotional abuse, HIV stigma, queer liberation, and many others. FACES brings the opportunity for the audience to reflect and create consciousness about street-based queer youth experiences and create space for community healing.

We are featuring: ZiZi Phillips, Ka’Riel Gaiter, Ahniyha Johnson, Lola Monroe and Greg Slater.

Director: Bonsai Bermudez
Artistic Assistant: Ian Schroeder
Set Designer: Jorge Felix
Music Designer: Gabriel Edwards
Costume Designer: Ronald Rodriguez
Lighting Designer: Tabitha Boorsma