Collision Theory originated by Rachel Damon & Dan Mohr

Collision Theory originated by Rachel Damon & Dan Mohr

Collision Theory

The 5th Anniversary Collision: October 20th at Links Hall

On October 20th, we will commemorate collision_theory’s anniversary at Links Hall/Constellation with our third Supercollider, for which the curators have each assembled an all-star group of c_t veterans (plus a fresh face or two) to collide in a special celebration of five years of cross-disciplinary improvised performance. The ensemble of musicians includes luminaries James Falzone, Carol Genetti, Lou Mallozzi, Dave Rempis, and Michael Zerang; the group of dancers features prodigies Josh Anderson, Adriana Durant, Lisa Gonzales, JulieAnn Graham, and Mikey Rioux.

Images and video documenting previous collisions will be screened, and the bar will be open for business.

Originated by Rachel Damon (Synapse Arts) and Dan Mohr (Comfort Music, Experimental Sound Studio) at Links Hall in 2009, collision_theory is a series of improvised performances by curated ‘blind-dates’ between musicians and dancers. At each ‘collision’, seasoned improvisers from both disciplines meet for the first time to navigate an unpredictable landscape of spontaneous collaboration. The series has presented performances at various venues and events throughout Chicago, including Links Hall, Experimental Sound Studio, The Dance Center of Columbia College, the Out of Site performance festival, and most recently at Chicago Loop Alliance’s ACTIVATE series. Through its performances and lively post-show discussions, collision_theory has provided a platform for the serious presentation and analysis of cross-disciplinary improvised performance for five years.

“…the talent involved is a testament to the vibrancy and collaborative spirit of the Chicago arts scene.” —NewCity, 2010