Still Inspired (?) co-produced by Lisa Scurlock and Laura Thurston

Still Inspired (?) co-produced by Lisa Scurlock and Laura Thurston

Still Inspired (?)

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Still Inspired is Co-Produced and directed by Lisa Scurlock and Laura Thurston

Co-Presented by Links Hall

Still Inspired (?) is a dance performance showcasing the inspirations of multiple independent dance and visual artists. With four pieces and four choreographers, the performance attempts to share visions within the realm of art between “still” and “live.”

Each choreographer is presenting a dance piece inspired by the work of a visual artist, taking the research and development of the work to a different place.

Choreographers/Visual Artists:

Lisa Scurlock/Rebecca Plotnick
Mary Tisa/ Rebecca Moy
Michelle Burger Modrzejewski/Ana Zanic
Laura Thurston/ Sam Kirk

Lisa Scurlock (Choreographer) and Rebecca Plotnick (Visual Ar

Lisa Scurlock is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a BFA in Dance. She has choreographed for Inaside Chicago Dance and has performed in works by Philadanco, Lou Conte, George Faison, Gus Giordano and Helen Tamiris. Other experience includes Royal Caribbean Productions, Thodos Dance Chicago and Inaside Chicago Dance. Lisa teaches at the Lou Conte Dance Studio, All About Dance, i.d. gym and at the Chicago Athletic Clubs.

Rebecca Plotnick took an unconventional route into the world of photography. She grew up in Cincinnati and studied Apparel Merchandising at Indiana University. Over the last 10 years, she has explored the two poles of the medium – the dark room and the digital world. Rebecca wants her photographs to encourage people to “linger over the beauty of life a little longer.” While much of her work has been based on scenes from her local farmer’s market in Chicago, she has been expanding her portfolio of travel photography with recent trips to Italy, England, Israel and Paris.

Michelle Modrzejewski (Choreographer) and Ana Zanic (Visual Artist

Michelle Modrzejewski is a graduate of Ball State University, where she received a B.A. in Dance and a minor in Religious Studies. She is the Co- Founder/Curator of Chicago Freelance Dance, a Chicago based group that supports and encourages the dance-making and performance of artists in the area. Her choreography, as well as dance and improv comedy performances, have been performed at the MCA Main Stage, The Dance Center, Links Hall, Hamlin Park, Stage 773 , A Red Orchid Theatre and in Minneapolis, MN at the TEK Box Theatre. She is currently in her third year as a company member of Synapse Arts Collective.

Since earning her MFA at the University of Zagreb in 2002, Ana Zanic has had over a dozen solo shows and sixty-plus group shows, in Croatia and the United States. She has won several awards for her painting and was published four years in a row in the American Art Collector publication.

Since earning her MFA at the University of Zagreb in 2002, Ana Zanic has had over a dozen solo shows and sixty-plus group shows, in Croatia and the United States. She has won several awards for her painting and was published four years in a row in the American Art Collector publication.

About her work Ana says: “For me, making art has always been a search that allowed me to explore the formal visual elements, as well as my personal feelings, through an intuitive, spontaneous process. I paint my watercolors with layers of washes, intermixed with dynamic lines, scribbles and marks of ink drawing.

There is often a quiet tension between the watercolor’s fluidity, softness and calm, vs. the dynamic, rhythm and energy of drawing. I would say the work emerges from a process that is both controlled and accidental. In this duality I see a metaphor for the duality of life; where certain things can be controlled and others just happen naturally, on their own.”Artist is represented by Kathryn Markel Fine Arts in New York, and Bryant Street Gallery in Palo Alto, CA.

Mary Tisa (Choreographer) and Rebecca Moy (Visual Artist)

Mary Tisa earned a B.A. in English and Dance from The George Washington University, where she received the Presidential Arts Scholarship in Dance and the Nancy Diers Johnston Award for Outstanding Choreography. Professionally, she has performed as a company member with the Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre, Corpo Dance Company, and Chicago Dance Crash, in which she was voted as the 2007 CDC’s Favorite Dancer of the Year and as a performing apprentice with Inaside Chicago Dance. She has had the opportunity to set choreography on Inaside Chicago Dance, Core Project, Jay-son Tisa Dance Company, for which she has also served as co-artistic director and principle dance artist; The Dance Foundation and Dance in the Parks Her choreography was selected to be a participant in the THE A.W.A.R.D. SHOW! 2010: Chicago, audience selected as the 2010 winner of the Inaside Choreographic Sponsorship Evening, and was chosen to be part of “Going Dutch,” a festival celebrating female contemporary choreographers.

If Rebecca Moy were a writer, she would not be a novelist, a dramatist or an essayist. Rather, she would be a poet. Just as the finest poets can carefully piece together simple and seemingly random words and phrases to express very complex personal feelings, so too Rebecca can take a simple brush stroke or a tiny swath of color and immediately transport us to places that we only thought existed in our minds. Or our dreams. As one of the rising stars of the Chicago art scene, Rebecca is a woman whose passion for self-expression is evident in every piece she produces. Whether it is a larger-than-life symphony of color, form and texture or a small study in black and white, when Rebecca Moy is at work she is not so much painting as she is composing.

Laura Thurston (Choreographer) and Sam Kirk (Visual Artist)

Laura Thurston studied dance at Northern Dance Theatre of Northern Illinois University and holds a BA from The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago. She began performing professionally in 2004 and has performed with Chicago Dance Crash, Corpo Dance Company, Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre, and Piel Morena Contemporary Dance. She’s performed throughout the midwest, in NYC, and in Monterrey, Mexico. Laura was the CFO, Executive Director, and Outreach Coordinator for Piel Morena Contemporary Dance from 2010-2013. She is currently on faculty at the Gus Giordano Dance School in Chicago and Virtuoso Performing Arts in Glenview, IL. As a master teacher, Laura has been on faculty for Dance Masters of Wisconsin in 2009, 2010, and 2014 and has been invited guest master teacher and choreographer for numerous dance studios in the midwest.

Sam Kirk- “I want to provoke culture through my art. To force people to open their eyes and see the benefit in creating a culture that celebrates its own diversity, fights for it’s integrity and supports itself from the ground up.” Provocation is a common theme for Sam Kirk, a multidisciplinary and multicultural artist. It is at the center of not only her work but also her personal journey. Unintended at times and wielded at others, Sam uses art to provoke people to feel, see or understand things differently. This once was designated solely to what makes different cultures special and worthwhile but has morphed to include provoking people to act and give back. What started, as a desire to create work that inspires people to appreciate culture and community has become her “Provoke Culture” movement. This movement is more inclusive and more powerful and now encourages people, through art, to support others.