Bob Eisen & Kristina Isabelle, Bryan Saner & Friends, Dmitri Peskov, & Damon Green

Bob Eisen & Kristina Isabelle + Bryan Saner & Friends + Dmitri Peskov + Damon Green

Links Hall Founder Bob Eisen performs at the new Links for the first time!

Bob Eisen will be presenting a duet originally created in Russia last summer and recently recreated in New York. This version, performed with Kristina Isabelle, represents a re-recreating of the duet.

Bob Eisen for many years lived in Chicago where he was an active and prominent member of that city’s performing arts community, including being a co-founder and long time co-manager of Links Hall Studio. In the year 2000 he moved to New York. For one full year, 2004-2005, he danced and traveled his way around the world. For the past six years he has been living half the year in Russia, where he dances, teaches, travels, studies the language and lives; and half the year in America, where he continues to travel and perform while still calling New York home.

Also on the program:

Duet #4 (rehearsal) choreographed by Dmitri Peskov and performed with Emily Sarkissian

Damon Green
[ ] VS.[ ] (Blank vs. Blank) – an improvised solo created and performed by Damon Green inspired by common elements we often times pair against one another instead of letting both elements live amongst one another and possibly creating a wonderful fusion.

Dmitri Peskov
“Limbo” – a new duet created by Dmitri Peskov in collaboration with Paul Christiano and set to a prelude by the Russian-born composer Lera Auerbach.

Bryan Saner & Friends
Sara Zalek, Jose Hernandez, Molly Whedbee, Kellen Walker and Alex Borgen perform with a Sacred Harp chorus of Lisa Grayson, Susan Kauffman, Robert Raymond, Marge Shenk, and Doug Stapleton – directed by Bryan Saner