Marie and Anna Present

Marie and Anna Present

Marie and Anna Present

An evening of works where sound informs movement,
movement informs sound.


by Hope Esser

Up Makes Down
Choreography by Isabelle Collazo and Mathew Munn

Direction and Sound Design by Owen David
Choroegraphy and Performance by Owen David, Shannon Drake, Ani Javian, Paige Philips, and Kathryn Sauma
Score by Elyse Morckel

Vanishing Point
by Murat Adash

Performers: Lisa Stertz, Erica Ricketts, Tia Greer, Jennifer McCool and Lucas Black

Vanishing Pont is a choreographic and auditive performance by Murat Adash exploring issues of the politics of movement and the disembodied voice. Belonging here is not bound to any specific location but to a system of movement. This system is one of regress and progress, creation and de-creation, possibility and impossibility. Five performers are moving in a geomteric grid while carrying a sound, progressing only to return to a state of erasure. Movement returns to stillness. Noise turns into silence.

Up Makes Down, a duet by Isabelle Collazo and Matthew McMunn, is a series of vignettes that originated from improvisations with contact microphones. They mined the movement for theatrical and narrative content and built impressionistic imagery from this material. The costumes are intended to amplify the character embedded in the movement and enhance the audience’s visceral experience.

here(ing) by Owen David. If the world is a stage, time and space are always performing along with us, bringing us to a single coincidence that we can only describe as here – an instance that we evacuate and collapse even as we are living it. With them we are all each entangled in one another, here and now folding and unfolding like remembering into imagining. here(ing) attempts, through a convergence of choreographic design and audio technologies, to navigate and give form to these dimensional operations, calling them forth and offering our selves up to their vastness.