American Me by Striding Lion

American Me by Striding Lion

American Me: Striding Lion Performance Group

“American Me” transforms Links Hall’s white box theater into a purgatory of Americana, an imaginary amalgamation of a diner and bar, where the “American I” is framed as a theatrical myth that is slowly picked apart through the duration of an evening length multi-media dance theater performance. Conceived by Annie Arnoult Beserra in collaboration with Northwestern University Psychology Professor Eli Finkel, this romp through the annals of American identity looks at the social psychology of “I” versus “we” with humor, poignancy, and wit. The performance experience begins en route to the theater through an interactive mobile website made available to ticket buyers one week prior to the show.

Striding Lion Performance Group is a company of dance theater artists and collaborators dedicated to bringing innovative and thought provoking performance programming to diverse audiences. Through the collision of live performance and new media, a stalwart commitment to original music, and the inventive use of both traditional and non-traditional performance spaces, Striding Lion’s performance and education work challenges audiences to move beyond the limitations of a passive “viewing” experience and engage more immediately and kinesthetically with the content and material presented. On the stage, in the studio, and in the classroom, Striding Lion endeavors to expand the dialogue between artist and audience-breaking down barriers to make dance theater performance both accessible and meaningful.

Photo credit: Mathew Gregory Hollis

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