Spring 2014 LinkUP Showcase

Spring 2014 LinkUP Showcase

Spring 2014 LinkUp Showcase

LinkUp Artist Lara Oppenheimer:

Storytelling, lecture, balloons, and a golden ball traverse the territory of pleasure and fear between the kitchen and pond, frog and princess, utopia and apocalypse. Created and performed by Lara Oppenheimer, Marie Casimir, Jessica Marasa and Lindsay Hopkins, “The Space Between Us” explores intimacy, economy and ecology through the lens of a fairy tale and the question of how we name home.

Lara’s LinkUp residency is an investigation into the ways an alternative economy can support artistic work and vice versa. Throughout the residency, members of the community were invited to share skills and offer artistic support, being paid in time credits through the Chicago Time Exchange. www.chicagotimeexchange.com

LinkUp Artist Hannah Verrill:

Limits Move Me Still is a performance by Hannah Verrill in collaboration with Alyssa Moxley (sound), Sabri Reed (set), and Christine Shallenberg (dramaturgy). Developed during a six-month residency at Links Hall, Verrill’s choreography responds to the simultaneous rigidity and malleability of an architectural surround. Her movement through the performance space reflects our unstable perception of time and the shifting nature of a performing body.

LinkUp Artist Hannah Verrill

Hannah Verrill grew up in Brooklyn, NY where she began performing as child. She recently graduated with an MFA studio art from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago focusing on performance. Verrill received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oberlin College where she studied choreography and other time-based media. While pursuing her undergraduate degree she spent a year living in the Czech Republic studying film and video with a specific interest in how those media relate to choreography. She is currently an artist-in-residence at Links Hall in Chicago, IL.

LinkUp Artist Lara Oppenheimer

is a Chicago-based artist working with performance and community economies.

A graduate of the School of the Art Institute, she has collaborated with artists Tatsu Aoki and Erica Mott, worked with community arts organizations such as Redmoon and Insight Arts as well as presenting her solo performance work in multiple venues in Chicago and other cities. She has studied extended vocal technique and singing extensively with Pantheatre in Paris and Ida Kelarova in the Czech Republic.

In collaboration with individuals, galleries, cultural centers and social justice organizations, she has hosted and facilitated many gift economy events such as gift circles, Really Really Free Markets, skill shares and hygge parties:). As co-director of the Chicago Time Exchange, a community-based skill sharing economy where the currency is time, she recently received a Propeller Fund award to investigate how time-based currency can support creative economies.

Her social practice is creating honest, playful opportunities for us to share gifts and needs, co-creating resilient community rooted in pleasure, abundance and collaboration.

Alyssa Moxley (Sound-Limits Move Me Still)

is an artist that works with sound and installation. Using multiple voices, microphone techniques, field recording, music, sound design, and speaker placement, she plays with memory as both a personal and shared medium. She is currently based in Chicago studying sound at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Sabri Reed (Set- Limits Move Me Still)

is a performance artist, object maker, and facilitator of relational situations. She works from a Fluxus sense of humor and poetry, a surrealist obsession with the uncanny, and stands firmly within the feminist legacy that the personal is political.

Peep Show: The Instant Choreography Series

is a multimedia artist whose work spans installation, research, performance, and community engagement. Shallenberg’s diverse body of work, which ranges in scale from performative physical encounters to mediated light and sound installations to choreography for audience investigates issues of intimacy, perception, identity, and transformation. She is currently pursuing her MFA in the Art and Technology department at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.

“To The Ground”
Employing personal narratives, a room-sized interactive electrical circuit, and her own poetic approach to text and improvisational scores, Christine Shallenberg’s newest performance-based work, To The Ground connects the invisible forces of gravity, electricity, and the history and physical makeup of the ground beneath the building of Links Hall. Created in collaboration with performance artist Mitsu Salmon and sound artist Brett Ian Balogh, this work facilitates the audience’s engagement with energetic grounding as a journey back to the earth from whence we came.