Poonie’s Cabaret: acquiescings + hauntings; curated by J’Sun Howard

Poonie’s Cabaret: acquiescings + hauntings; curated by J’Sun Howard

Poonie’s Cabaret: acquiescings + hauntings

Curated by J’Sun Howard

Poonie’s welcomes all forms of expression and anything which cannot be defined but can be thoroughly enjoyed.

“Poonie’s Cabaret is Links Hall’s risk-taking tri-annual performance cabaret of “the edgiest performers in Chicago, both up-and-coming and veteran” (Think Pink Radio).

Donation supports the Duncan Erley Coming Out of the Closet Fund for artists whose work explores the realms of healing, gay activism and spiritual and sexual transformation.

Po’Chop, Teri “Lyric” Green, Alberto Ramón Gutiérrez, Marcy Henry, Elizabeth Mputu, Darling Au’Saun Anita Squire & Erik Lamar Wallace II

J’Sun Howard (Curator)

J’SUN HOWARD is from Chattanooga, TN. A Chicago Dancemaker’s Forum grantee, 2014, his choreography has appeared at local venues Links Hall, Northwestern University, Sonotheque, Lincoln Square Theatre, Insight Arts/Center for New Possibilities, Epiphany Church, and Rumble Arts. In 2009, J’Sun was selected to be a LinkUp Residency to deepen his artistic practice at Links Hall and in 2010 he was granted the Julius Margolin “Youth in Labor” Award to protest at the gates of the School of Americas in Fort Benning, GA. He has also performed at Patrick’s Cabaret (Minneapolis, MN), had work commissioned by the Chicago Academy School for the Arts, and been a sponsored artist at High Concept Laboratories. J’Sun has performed for many choreographers including Malcolm Jason Low, Asimina Chremos, Sara Wookey, Paige Cunningham, Selene Carter, but most extensively with collaborators Darrell Jones and Damon Green in their research of (e)feminized ritual performance, which received a 2013 Juried Bessie Award in support of Hoo-Ha (for your eyes only). His collaboration, Utopic Monster Theory, with poet Jennifer Karmin has been performed in exhibitions “I Can’t Breathe” at ARC Gallery, “Law and Disorder” at Women Made Gallery, and Small Traffic Press’s production of Poets Theater Festival (San Francisco, CA), and the IN>Time Performance Festival. His literary work can be read in the journals: Chicago IRL, Inkwell, Danspace’s Constellations and Influences, Garland Court Review, Storyglossia, 3rd Language, Bird’s Thumb, and Manifold, The Body.

Diana Campos

is a native of Chicago, Diana first developed her love for dance and theater in her beloved city. Many years and many pounds ago, she danced with notable choreographers across the country such as: Cecilia Marta, Richard Peirlon, and Kevin Iega Jeff just to name a few. She has worked with the Joel Hall Dancers, Deeply Rooted Productions, Kirby Reed’s Ascension Project, Tyego, SALSATION! Theatre Company, Teatro Luna, Great Works Theater, and Teatro Vista. For her role as Minerva in Teatro Vista’s presentation of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Heddy Weis praised her as “brave and unwavering.” Diana was a featured performer in Bodyhouse: A Jazz Tricycle, a production that toured Europe and played to sold out audiences and rave reviews at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Studio Theatre. Diana has been a featured artist in several independent films and has appeared several times on the nationally televised Stellar Music Awards, dancing for gospel recording artist Donald Lawrence, with whom she also toured the United States in Bible Stories: The Musical (ironical for those who know me-lol).


is known as the B.A.M.F of burlesque, one savory slice sure to leave your mouth watering for more. Having been marinated in over 10 years of dance training, this juicy tenderloin combines story-telling, dance, and elements of theatre to create performances that are described by Chicago critics as “…the most provocative symbol of might onstage…It was as if Po’Chop had captured lightning in a bottle and the bottle was herself.”Po’Chop! The meat, so sweet, even vegetarians want to a bite.

Teri “LYRIC” Green

is a hip hop artist and fourth runner up in YOBI.tv and Myspace’s first ever “Take the Stage” competition with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and Johnny Wright, and as unique as they come. Unsigned Only International songwriting competition 2013 winner for Rnb/Hip Hop. Lyric was also crowned a champion in L.A 2013 at the Indie Music Channel Awards she was nominated in 2 categories and swept the competition bringing both awards back to Chicago/Indiana. One for best Rap Song and the second for Best Rap Recording Lyric not only wrote this song, she produced it. Lyric is currently working on her first album entitled “Orphan to Engineer” with Tate Music Group / Universal Records. A link to one of the songs and a free download link is affixed the song she will start as her EP entitled “Fit In”. Fit In will also be on her CD, which will be in every Meijers store once released 12/30/2013. Lyric’s new album “Orphan 2 Engineer” is her literal story so welcome to her musical bio.

Marcy Rae Henry

was born and raised in Mexican-America. She is a director, producer and mediocre musician who writes fiction, nonfiction, short stories and spoken word. Her 2006 publication, The CTA Chronicles, received a City of Chicago Community Arts Assistance Grant. According to Audrey Niffenegger, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Time Traveler’s Wife, “Marcy Henry has written the true Chicago, the true El, stuffed with humans, source of strange encounters and disturbing memories. Her gorgeous writing captures the transience and the beauty of the city.” The second edition of The CTA Chronicles is long overdue. Henry’s novel, Cumbia Therapy, might be published online by Around the Block Press.The novel undoubtedly received an Illinois Arts Council Fellowship. Ms. M.R. Henry is an Associate Professor of Humanities and Fine Art at Harold Washington College where she teaches literature, film, visual, performance and interdisciplinary art, women’s studies and non-Western humanities. She writes in English and Spanglish and lives in Chicago.

Mister Junior

the Queen of boylesque, Mister Junior is a burlesque performer of mixed nationalities, bridging his Mexican heritage and American upbringing through the art of burlesque to expose the farce of duality and binary-based perceptions with their seductive lqqks and moves. Each act seeks to question and confront societal expectations of race, gender normativity, submission and dominance, and performance. They playfully adapt Hispanic stereotypes such as the Lover, the Bull/Bullfighter, and the expectations for a hairy body and subverts them before your eyes. Trained in flamenco dance and club culture, Mister Junior is often referred to as an innovative, revolutionary, and visionary artist.

Elisabette Em

is a Florida native, Chicago transplant of Congolese descent. She is currently working on her BFA in Performance at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and prior to that at DePaul University. Her work focuses on the artist’s ability to grapple with sexuality, gender, the taboo and the mundane in their respective arenas filtered through the performative medium. She hopes the findings of her investigations, as defined by the multi-dimensional and often heavily conceptual pieces she creates, will be considered thoughtful contributions to the archive of the human condition.

Darling Au’Saun Anita Squire

also known as the soloist Darling Shear, is a company member of Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre. Darling is a classical trained dancer of 14 years in the areas of Ballet, Modern, Jazz, African, and Hip Hop. At the root of her work there is a teacher, using dance to helps educate people about the uniqueness they offer in this would and how they can find their place to help educate those around them. For the year of 2014, Darling has made a political choice to only perform to music by artist of color to make the statement that there is much more diversity than we choose to expose ourselves to.

Mister Wallace

makes music to truly understand what it means to be alive and to help others understand what it truly means to live. Furthermore, Mister Wallace hopes to improve the quality of all of our lives and the availability of ideas through politically and socially aware lyrics, images, and movement. His body is his canvas. Collaborating with and referencing other(s) art he allows himself to be a vessel for ideas. His specialty is the performance of these shared ideas to create new ideas. His goal isn’t to innovate the new. His goal is to re-remember the past into a better present and in turn future. Art is his activism and his activism is his Art. Mister Wallace’s most notable and current work(s) are Banjee Report with aCeB00mbap and a string of solo performances involving lyricism, dance, performance art, and makeup. GET INTO HER!!!