Shift/ed presented by Esoteric Dance Project

Shift/ed presented by Esoteric Dance Project

Shift/ed: Esoteric Dance Project

Presented by Esoteric Dance Project

Featuring four premieres choreographed by Artistic Directors
Brenna Pierson-Tucker and Christopher Tucker.

A rich and vibrant evening devoted to engaging the audiences’ intuitive and analytical mindsets while simultaneously presenting a platform to appreciate the freedom that is this art form.

The evening will showcase four distinctively varied and technical works that range from exploring the beauty of the interplay between light and dark and its inherent sub-references and responses to a quirky interpretation of the strangeness that underlies our reality.

Esoteric Dance Project is a collaboration between Chicago artists
Brenna Pierson-Tucker and Christopher Tucker that was established in late 2010. EDP is dedicated to the development of the artist, both performer and choreographer, by providing technique-based education in a nurturing and personal environment while offering a platform for exploration of new creativity that cultivates a profound relationship between choreographer, emerging artist, and the audience. By exploring a return to the craft’s technical base and employing artists skilled in their discipline, Esoteric Dance Project wants to build from the art form’s defined foundations to create original explorations of movement. It is the goal of Esoteric Dance Project to demystify the skilled craft of modern dance and lead audiences to engage, observe and appreciate both the mastery and the freedom that is this art form.