Peep Show featuring Kristina Isabelle Dance, Ben Law, & Marcos Balter

Peep Show featuring Kristina Isabelle Dance, Ben Law, & Marcos Balter

Peep Show: Kristina Isabelle Dance + Ben Law + Marcos Balter

PEEP SHOW: The Instant Choreography Series Collaboratively produced by Striding Lion Performance Group and Links Hall + Constellation

Peep Show brings audiences into direct contact with the unique dance making processes of Chicago’s most beloved and innovative choreographers as they develop world premiere dance works live, in the moment, based on suggestions from audience members. Each evening’s performance will feature two choreographers working simultaneously against the clock, in Links Hall and Constellation’s side-by-side studios, to realize completely new pieces that incorporate suggestions from the audience, original music from a composer, and the choreographer’s signature approach to composition. The festival features music by composers whose rich experimental practices create works that will speak powerfully to choreographers and audiences.

Audience members will be invited to wander casually from one studio to the other, sipping a beverage from Constellation’s on-site bar, and seeing the creative process of dance making exposed in its naked form.

FEATURED CHOREOGRAPHERS: Kristina Isabelle Dance + Ben Law


The music of Brazilian-born composer MARCOS BALTER has become popular with audiences and ensembles for its emotional directness, playful colors, and poetic craft. Praised by the The Chicago Tribune as “utterly lovely,” his music has been performed by by ensembles such as ICE, American Composers Orchestra, Ensemble Dal Niente, Amazonas Filarmonica, and many others. An important part of Chicago’s blossoming new music scene, Balter maintains an international career while teaching composition at Columbia College.