Myra Su & Emily Schubert

Myra Su
Through the Lookingglass / Copy & Paste

Myra Su

Myra Su is a narrative artist specializing in storytelling through puppetry and theater. Her primary medium is shadow puppetry, though she has also been experimenting with puppetry across multiple media — paper craft, sculpture, video, animation, and taxidermy. Most recently, she was a featured artist at the 2017 Chicago International Puppet Festival. Her collaboration with Mitch Salm, THROUGH THE LOOKINGGLASS, was selected to showcase at the 2016 National Puppet Slam in Atlanta, GA. She is also a Manual Cinema touring company member.

Through the Lookingglass / Copy & Paste

Set in backcountry America, THROUGH THE LOOKINGGLASS is a psychological thriller of Alec, a young boy on his first deer hunt. In this Midwestern retelling of the classic coming-of-age story, Alec confronts death and the savage power of man for the first time.

COPY & PASTE: One rainy day on the way to work, a female employee at a press office discovers that she, and everything around her is made out of paper.


Mitch Salm is an actor and puppeteer based out of Chicago. Credits include: Mementos Mori (Manual Cinema), Heels Over Head (i.O.), Coriolanus (Commission Theatre Co.), Paranoid Style (First Floor Theater), Slaughter City (Prop Thtr), Rhinoceros (Curious Theatre Branch), and more. He is a graduate of The School for Theatre Creators, a Lecoq-based physical theater school, and he received his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Chicago. He’s honored to share this piece with you, and he thanks you for supporting the arts!

Allyson Gonzalez is a Latina Puppeteer and Author of the zine, Save the Bees Worx. She lives in Chicago with her companion and their telescope. Her favorite food is gravy. Stop what you’re doing and visit to learn where she’s performing or publishing next!

Tech/Design Credits

Art Direction: Myra Su
Sound Design: Mitch Salm

Puppet Design: Myra Su
Sound Design: Myra Su

Special thanks

Special thanks to Links Hall for supporting puppetry in Chicago. And special thanks to Manual Cinema, for everything they have taught us.

Emily Schubert & the Society of Realistic Optimism
Resist the Gloom / Heart Splinters

Upended Teacups by Petra Kuppers

Emily Schubert & the Society of Realistic Optimism

Emily Schubert is an interdisciplinary artist working mainly in the worlds of puppetry, performance, sculpture and collage. She hails from the borderlands between Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky and earned a degree in fiber and textile art from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013. Since graduating she has worked on costumes for traveling Broadway shows, participated in puppet theater festivals and workshops in Europe, Indonesia, and the United States and has found a passion for organic farming. She is inspired by the fantastical and the everyday and how these shape peoples’ perception of the world. Drawing from mythology, folktales, memories, and personal experience she creates narratives and characters that aim to make some sense of our existence by giving form to our collective anxieties and desires. Enthralled by the emotive power and depth of expression achieved through puppetry and storytelling, she believes that within these realms lies a source of real-life magic that is deficient in much of our daily lives.

Resist the Gloom / Heart Splinters

RESIST THE GLOOM: We live in an ever changing and uncontrollable reality! Resist the Gloom is a performance about coping with anxiety at large. The story is a type of Cantastoria or “sung story” utilizing a giant flip book of images, sounds, and a partially sung script. The story is told by Cornelius the Collector, Eschatologist R.O.– a person concerned with the end of time and the role we humans play in it. The R.O. stands for Realistic Optimism, Cornelius’s adopted/adapted philosophy concerning current and future human endeavors. A celebration of all that it means to be human, join Cornelius and cohorts in persistently resisting the gloom!

HEART SPLINTERS: What happens when the heart of the world breaks? Heart Splinters is a paper cut shadow play that tells a story about life’s interconnectedness and the possibility found therein.

Company Members


Tech/Design Credits

Script, Puppets, Props and Contastoria paintings by Emily Schubert.
Contastoria cart constructed by Peter Schubert

Script and papercut by Emily Schubert.
Assistance building crankie box by Peter Schubert.
Music by Keaton Henson

Special thanks

Special thanks to Links Hall and Myra Su for including me in this wonderful Midwest Touring Nexus Exchange. Special thanks to the Arrowmont School of Art and Craft for allowing me the space and time to create work to perform, special thanks to my lovely compatriots for attempting each day to resist the gloom with me and finally special thanks to my parents without whom I would not be here at all.