Co-MISSIONS WIP Series: Solomon Bowser, Michael Brown, Leon Evans


Links Hall

3111 North Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618

Chicago, IL, US, 60618

Program for August 22
Solomon Bowser and Michael Brown and Leon Evans

Through our CoMISSION program Links Hall offers Intensives, Residencies, and Fellowships that support 14-16 artistic projects annually. These programs incorporate a flexible range of resources, designed to meet the needs of artistic experimentation at different points in an artist’s career, and different points in a project’s development. This works-in-progress series features artists from all three programs on shared bills. 

All Co-MISSIONs are supported by Links Hall’s Commissioning Collective, a group of dedicated individuals  committed to supporting direct-dollars-to-artists programs at Links Hall. The Commissioning Collective includes Anonymous, William Bein, Cheryl Lynn Bruce and Kerry James Marshall, Raj and Kristina Goel, Tracie D. Hall, Justine Jentes and Dan Kuruna, Khloé U. Karova, Maggie Kast, Jackie Kazarian and Peter Cunningham, Patricia Kronberg, Molly and Christopher Leonard, D. Soyini Madison, Susan Manning and Doug Doetsch, Trevor Martin and Parker Benton, Dina Merrell and Tim Hartford, Christopher Montiel, Anna Minkov, Matt and Emily Roben, Bette Rosenstein and John Brix, Doreen Sayegh, Claire Geall Sutton and Mark Sutton, Paul Teruel and Amber Da, Christy Uchida, Ronald Uchida and Laura Ahrens Uchida, Toshi Uchida and Doug Rainey, Jodi and Eliot Wickersheimer, and Karen Yates.


Solomon Bowser

MATTER” (working title)

Solomon Bowser (Atlanta, GA) began his dance career with Harambee Dance Company in Stone Mountain, GA after years of training at the DeKalb School of the Arts under the direction of Dean Williams and Pamela Jones Malave and Phusion Performing Arts Center under the leadership of Robert Mason. Solomon relocated to Chicago to attend Columbia College Chicago where he received his B.A. in Dance. He has performed in works by Charles Weidman, Teena Marie Custer and Fara Tolno. Solomon dances with Deeply Rooted Dance Theater (2015-17) and serves Assistant Artistic Director of Winifred Haun & Dancers whom he has danced with since 2013. Solomon is also the Programs Manager with the Chicago Human Rhythm Project (CHRP) Artist In Residence. Solomon is excited to dive deeper in the Chicago dance community and find new & innovative ways to address the topics of his work.

“MATTER” looks at men of color as it pertains to varying ideas of community. How do they exist in public spaces? How do they engage and interact with the different members of their community? How do they define community? Also, what internal dialogue occurs when faced with conflict in said community? How do they seek out and openly express freedom and liberty inside of our communities?


Michael Brown

“Invitation to a Beheading” (working title)

Michael Brown has appeared in and directed numerous theatre productions in the US, UK, and China, most recently directing Cicada Summer for Rough House Theatre Company in Chicago, and creating a physical adaptation of Jason and the Argonauts for AFTEC theatre company in Hong Kong, China. Michael has also performed in feature films including Dark Shadows and World War Z, and has served as a movement artist and trainer for the international phenomenon War Horse and for the feature film Gravity. Michael currently lives in Chicago with his wife and 7-year-old son, where he is Director of the MFA in physical and devised theatre at Columbia College Chicago.

Inspired by the Vladimir Nabokov novel, “Invitation to a Beheading” uses storytelling, sound, puppetry, and movement to tell the story of someone imprisoned for a ridiculous crime, and exposed to the absurdity of their self-imposed limitations. In exploring the ways that we build our own personal “prisons,” the performance points toward the possibility of liberation, and asks some important questions about what this means. 


Leon J Evans

“More That I Require of Thee” 

Leon Evans is an up and coming choreographer here in Chicago, IL “You exist. You matter. You have value. You have every right to wear your hoodie, to play your music as loud as you want. You have every right to be you. And no one should deter you from being you. You have to be you. And you can never be afraid to be you.” -Mother of dead black boy

This is a journey of self-discovery. For a black boy who does not know himself is a black man who does not love himself. Here we’ll meet a bright eyed, bold, and adventurous young boy and spend a day in his shoes. Watch how he grows. Discover what happens when life leaves you in the dark and forces you to find the light on your own.