Anna Martine Whitehead

Anna Martine Whitehead was awarded a LinkUP Residency in 2016/17 to produce her work S P R E A D.

Anna Martine Whitehead uses movement and language to practice escaping the Planet Earth. Their solo performances, videos, and collaborations have been presented in North America and Europe, and they have contributed significantly to the work of Keith Hennessy, Jefferson Pinder, Julien Previeux, Every house has a door, and Taisha Paggett, amongst others. They write about Black performance in the contemporary art world and have contributed to an array of texts on queer dance, performance, and social practice, including a regular column in Art Practical, and a chapter in the forthcoming Meanings and Makings of Queer Dance, edited by Clare Croft. Their first chapbook TREASURE | My Black Rupture debuted this past Spring.