Talia Grace

Friday December 7 and Sunday December 9 @ 7pm

Talia Grace just began her first season as a dancer with Winifred Haun & Dancers. She is a recent graduate from The Ailey School/Fordham University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Visual Arts. Ms. Grace specializes in choreographing dance for the camera and has shown her work at various events throughout New York and Chicago. She began her journey into dance filmmaking with her first film “The Human Experience” and since was commissioned to co-create and premiere a new work at Whitney Young High School. As a dance film maker, she works to create powerful images that draw the audience in and hold on to them the entire time using images that create narratives, convey emotions, ask questions, inspire thinking, and challenge us in our everyday lives.

During this residency Grace will be exploring how the use of choreographic and filmmaking tools can inform, story tell and invoke action. With a focus on social activism, I will be using movement, raw emotion, and strong narratives to create a film that viewers can connect with on a genuine and visceral level. As a society it is often easy for us to write off other people’s problems when we feel like they don’t affect us directly. We often understand that there is a problem, but do not truly have a grasp on the effects that social injustices have on our society as a whole. By combining film and dance I will be using site specific choreography and collaborating with various videographers and editors to unearth ways to simultaneously educate while creating a relatable narrative through the use of the human body and the camera.