Aaliyah Christina

AALIYAH CHRISTINA | When Iva Met Eunice, Siphronia & Peaches Became Best Friend
Thursday December 6 and Saturday December 8 @ 7pm

Aaliyah Christina writes fiction and performs & creates movement art in Chicago, IL. She graduated with a BA in dance from the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago in 2016. She founded and created Catalyst Movmnt (2017), a curating collective designed to highlight emerging movement artists of color.

“When Iva Met Eunice” explores our daily movement negotiations in our pedestrian lives. It translates those actions into our technical practices as movement artists. It tells the stories of black girlhood with the duality of growing up with colorism and the intersectional differences in the way we are raised. In loving memory of Iva (Homeny) & Eunice (Nina Simone).