Rosie Roche

Rosie Roche is a Chicago based burlesque performer who’s been creating work with a multitude of companies since 2015. She started her journey at Gorilla Tango Burlesque: Provocative Parody for the Discerning Nerd, playing Chewbacca in Boobs on Endor: The Return of the Jedi Burlesque and originating the role of Ned Stark Naked in Game of Thongs.  She then went on to play Ray Stantz in Ghostbusty, Egghead in Holy Bouncing Boobies Batman, and Doc Brown and the Delorean in Great Scott Those are Boobs: The Back to the Future Burlesque.

Rosie later joined the Kiss Kiss Cabaret where she has developed and perfected unique and versatile acts ranging from the most classic styles to subversive and unexpected neo-burlesque, even digging into her pop-culture origins at times! Rosie has become known for her electric audience connection, her comedic prowess, and sheer variety of incredibly different acts.