Jessica Ray | Co-MISSION Residency 2017

Jessica Ray was awarded a 2017 Co-MISSION Residency

All That I Remember


Here we are. What kind of time does it take to show up, listen, and continue? Memory slips through the work as it’s composed for the environment, the viewers, the constraints of the situation. Are we still here, right now? Without interruption, carrying on, here for you, you for me. In the absence of music we can follow this wherever it goes. The time we have will be sufficient.


Jessica Ray is a dance artist new to Chicago from New York. She works in improvisational forms, creating abstract, live performance of endurance, risk, and precise choice. In addition to solo work, she collaborates with composers and other choreographers, teaches, and performs in the work of others. Her work has been nationally presented at AUNTS at the Pulitzer Foundation, Roulette Intermedium, the Movement Research Festival and Judson Church, the Chocolate Factory, the Flea Theater, Food for Thought at Danspace Project, and Pieter PASD. She has performed in the work of Renée Archibald, Megan Byrne, Laurie Berg, Elizabeth Ward, Nina Winthrop, K.J. Holmes and Christopher Williams. In addition to her performance work, she has curated for Roulette Intermedium, moderated talk backs at the Flea Theater, and supported the dance community in administrative roles at Movement Research and Roulette Intermedium. Jessica taught as an adjunct professor at Wayne State University in Detroit before settling into Chicago.