Creative Time Sponsorship Works in Progress featuring work by Amelia Charter, Joanna Fuentes, & Erin Kilmurray

Creative Time Sponsorship Works in Progress: Amel

Links Hall is pleased to announce that in an effort to expand our support of Chicago’s creative preforming arts community we will be piloting a Creative Time Sponsorship program.

Works in Progress Being Shown:

“Under No One Condition” by Amelia Charter makes an interdisciplinary performance inquiry into the privacy of consensual awareness and wayward improvisations. The creative research serves to develop a new live performance that incorporates embodiment practices, live musicians, sculptural rearrangements, and language. Through the intersection of these multiple mediums, the creative research strives to explore how perceptions of performance, improvisation and the sensorial experience determines a set of conditions unconditionally.

“these men” by Joanna Furnans is intended to develop into a 40-50 minute length work with 3 or 4 dancers. It will include numerous movement phrases with elements of repetition and prolonged duration, and a layered and cohesive design for the piece including costume, light, and sound. The inspiration stems from machismo, chauvinism, and misogyny that Joanna sees in Chicago.

“The Salts” by Erin Kilmurray is a dance performance piece that connects the performer to their audience in real-time and at home. Erin intends to take the time and space to see more towards the periphery of her proposed project’s vision and investigate and challenge her creative process without losing her focused artistic intention.