Fall 2014 LinkUP Showcase featuring Karen Yates & Jessica Cornish

Fall 2014 LinkUP Showcase

Jessica Cornish

Jessica Cornish’s LinkUP residency has been informed by spending equal amount of time alone as she has with others to develop a private physical practice, excavating her own physicality and pinpoint the origins of her gestures. This provides a strong support for the artist to hold a space that allows other artists to come in and create collaboratively.

“Documentation has played a vital role in finding other perspectives to view the work and reveal the systems that are in play while working with others. This has lead to the development of methods to support engagement with the five others: Myself, Musicians, Moving bodies, Audience and Space”. – Jessica

Karen Yates

Multidisciplinary artist Karen Yates is developing her performance project Amok with her ensemble Sky Area Ten. Amok uses text, movement, digital sound and live gamelan music to examine Dutch colonialism in Indonesia, modern geoscience and capitalism, and the 1883 explosion of Krakatoa. The project is partially supported by a Puffin Foundation Ltd. grant and an Illinois Arts Council grant.