Creative Time Sponsorship Works in Progress featuring Josh Anderson & Sarah Gottlieb

Creative Time Sponsorship Works in Progress: Josh Anderson & Sarah Gottlieb

Links Hall is pleased to announce that in an effort to expand our support of Chicago’s creative preforming arts community we will be piloting a Creative Time Sponsorship program.

Works in Progress Being Shown:
“7 Reasons to Embrace Your Inner Puma” by Josh Anderson is a blend of dance and theatre that looks to examine anger and its place in all our lives. The entire piece will take place inside an abstracted anger management group therapy meeting. The cast will be between five and seven people. The arc of the piece will be an abstract narrative revolving around the personal experiences of the cast and creators. Each section will attempt to access anger from a different road: from constructive to destructive, from using anger as a way to more accurately express your thoughts to using it as a tool for status, power, or control, from clinical ideas on how to manage such a hot emotion to the effects of ignoring and bottling up something so complex.

“Yolk” by Sarah Gottlieb investigates cosmological cycles through the microcosm of reproductive biology. Through somatic experience this project explores the complex hormonal phases and biological happenings of the female reproductive system. Material gathered from movement research provides insight into the relationship between nature and consciousness, the body and the soul.