Terms and Conditions by Phillip Elson Dance

Terms and Conditions: Philip Elson

Terms and Conditions is a new evening-length performance that examines privacy and the intimacy of information sharing in the digital age. This multi-disciplinary work follows the power struggle over control of identity, data streams being spread across a global platform, means of protecting oneself from invasions of personal information, and the greater impact of how we identify ourselves in a world where people may know more about us than we intend for them to!

Philip Elson Dance is the creative identity that represents the choreographic and directed work of Philip Elson. Elson is a Chicago-based dance artist engaging with various arenas of dance research and performance including live performance, dance for camera, and experimental collaboration. His choreographic and directed work derives from a desire to explore the effects of life’s experiences through their physical impacts. These experiences range from social, political, environmental, and personal matters. Elson’s choreography has been showcased in Chicago as part of the Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival, PRODUCE presented by Art Intercepts, Dance for $9.99 presented by Chicago Moving Company, MIX with SIX presented by The Seldoms, The Open Space Project, Poonie’s Cabaret, The A.W.A.R.D. Show! 2010: Chicago, Red Tape Theater’s Chicago Fringe Artists Networking Night, Manifest Urban Arts Festival, Links Hall’s Linkages Program, and at The Loyola University Museum of Art in conjunction with The Seldoms. Outside of Chicago his choreography has been presented by Performance Works NorthWest (Portland, OR), Collin College’s Dance Fusion (Plano, TX), In It For Life Productions (New York, NY), Muscle Memory Dance Theater (Dallas,TX), the American College Dance Festival (Urbana,IL), and Basso (Berlin, Germany). Elson’s collaborative roles with dance involve sound and video design, web design, video documentation and editing, curation, and arts administration.