60 Story Animal by Curious Theater Branch

60 Story Animal – Curious Theater Branch

‘BEAU O’REILLY celebrates his 60th by continuing his investigation into the work of Samuel Beckett, including Rockaby,This Old Tune, Texts for Nothing, and Wht is the Word ,a poem . Performed with JUDITH HARDING , with music by Jenny Magnus. 60 Story Animal will be joined by guest KELLY ANN CORCORAN Ride along with KellyAnn Corcoran in her new solo work “Go.” “Go” combines new work by KellyAnn with selections from 2013’s “Ten to One”, by Beau O’Reilly, Barrie Cole and Diana Slickman. Come look at what what moves us, keeps us moving and where it must eventually “Go”. It’s a curious dark and whimsical journey but everyone must “GO”