Noise in the Waters by Teatro delle Albe

Noise In The Waters: Teatro delle Albe

Noise In The Waters” is a monologue with live music that brings to life the human stories of African migration across the Mediterranean Sea into Italy. The speaker is an absurd military bureaucrat who has gone insane tallying the names and numbers of the thousands who have died at sea. He relives the tragedies of individual victims as he applies defensive cynicism and stereotypes to shield himself from his own responsibility in the ongoing disaster. His ranting is interrupted by the mournful songs of the Mancuso Brothers, whose music joins plaintive, beautiful islamic melody lines to the spare, stark tones of traditional Italian peasant songs.

Alessandro Renda has been working with Teatro delle Albe continuously since participating as a teenager in one of the company’s workshops. For his performance in “Noise In The Waters” Renda was nominated for Italy’s most prestigious award for a stage actor, the Premio Ubu. In addition to playing a leading role in the company’s revolutionary educational programs, Renda is a video artist who has documented Teatro delle Albe’s performances and social projects on three continents since 2003.